The Victorian Kitchen Company

The Victorian Kitchen Company was founded in 1993. 
Our first kitchens were made almost entirely from reclaimed wood. 

During the course of the 90s we designed, built & fitted a huge varity of joinery. We supplied Bars to pubs all over the world - We fitted shops and restaurants all over the country. By the end of the 90s we were designing and making more and more kitchens - now mostly in new solid wood. 

The market led us down this path and we embraced it! We have now built over 1000 kitchens. Things are a little different nowadays. We have the latest in 3D rendering software to help us get the most from every design and to enable us to share these advantages with our clients.

They say practice make perfect and although we still learn something from every job we do  - we have certainly got a wealth of expieriance and enjoy sharing it with our clients.

Our goal is to help our customers to achive their dream kitchen. The best tool here is to listen!

Our design process is never rushed and the final look is arrived at by a process of evolution. This, combined with everything learned during our first 1000 kitchens ensures that each of our hand made kitchens is both easy to work in and a pleasure to live with.