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These days we are all thinking more about the environment. As Salvaged wood is in fact recycled wood it is the obvious choice as it has no negative environmental impact. The other advantage is that it is already aged and therefore adds character. It is the same price or cheaper then new wood.
We stock only solid real timber flooring! All of our floors are sold prepared, restored and ready for fitting. The quality of our floors is prime grade.

Special Offers


Antique rustic pine planks. Incredible 10″ wide planks. Lovely long lengths. Very very strong boards with really tight grain, a really hard wearing floor. These are on special while stocks last.

Only €65 per sq yd inc vat !


Special offer on rustic oak boards. Raw boards. Wide plank.

€46 per sq yd while stocks last.


Victorian pine boards. Rustic Brushed finish.

€65 per sq yd


Really wide oak planks. Engineered flooring.

Special offer of €45 per sq yd. while stocks last.

We stock a huge variety of timber floors below is some information on our most popular:

Victorian Pine, Oregon Pine, Douglas Fir
These boards are very popular as they come in nice wide planks, they were used extensively from 1850-1930. They vary in colour from the honey coloured pine to a more red coloured grain of the Douglas fir. We can do these floors in widths of 4” – 10” wide.

Victorian Pitch Pine
This is known as the “King of Timbers”. It was imported in from the States in the 1800’s and was very expensive at the time and therefore only the Church and the Mill owners could afford it !!. This timber is extremely hard wearing and comes in nice wide widths of planks from 4” – 10” wide.

American & French Oak
This is new oak that we import from sustainable sources. Unlike most modern timbers that only come in lengths from 3’ – 6’ our timbers start at 6ft long and go up to 12ft long so you can get nice wide and long planks which look very impressive in both period and contemporary properties. We machine these floors to order and they come in widths of 4” wide up to 10” wide.

American Barn Oak
This we salvage directly from Amish barns in the States. It Is a fantastic rustic floor that comes in a mixed width assembly of 5” – 15”. It has a lovely nut brown colour and has all the blemishes & patina of 100 years

This was very popular in the 20’s and 30’s. The quality of timber is amazing. The most popular timbers used were mahogany, beech, pitch pine and teak. These floors were originally stuck down with bitumen and we clean all this off and remachine them ready for reuse. The most popular pattern was the herringbone. These floors are perfect for underfloor heating as most of Europe will only use parquet with underfloor heating systems.

Thermo Oak
If using underfloor heating and you want a wide plank floor, then thermo oak is perfect. We use 6-8” wide French oak and put it in a kiln for 4 weeks. This effectively kills the timber and leaves it very hard and unable to move. This floor must be stuck down directly to concrete or screed or plywood. The end result after all the time in the kiln is a very dark nut brown timber that looks fabulous.

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