We make Radiator Covers. The are made to measure in solid wood with a selection of finishes to suit your home. Radiator covers transform your radiators into useful pieces of furniture. They look great and are a big improvement on the uncovered radiator. The added bonus is that you get to use the top as storage or decoration. The heating of the room is not effected as the heat passes through the specially designed grids.

Probably the most important reason for installing a radiator cover is safety. Radiators can get extremely hot. In homes with small children or pets, who might be tempted to touch them, radiators can be quite hazardous. Additionally, if a radiator malfunctions and begins shooting off large jets of steam, a cover will block the full force of it.

Radiator covers are also great for protecting not just living things but other items, too. They block heat and moisture from hitting walls and drapes, which can make a big difference in their longevity and performance.

Under a radiator cover with the proper backing, a radiator can distribute heat better than one that is uncovered. Since the backing pushes heat away from the wall and the lid reflects heat away from the top, heat that would otherwise go directly to the ceiling is pushed towards the level of the living area. Studies have shown that the difference in the lower space of the room can be affected by as much as four and a half degrees.

Solid Wood Radiator Covers