Utility Rooms

We have some great solutions for Utility Rooms.
A well thought out utility room means that the kitchen can focus on its main function. Laundry and storage being the primary job of the utility room aswell as the storage of cleaning materials, coats & Boots can all be left to the utility. 
All is work is hand made in solid wood. Our quality bespoke Utility Rooms will keep your house organized & running for a life time.
First, consider what you need from your utility room.
Is it a place for a washing machine and dryer?
Do you need an ironing space and a laundry chute from the first floor.
Do you intend to free up space in your kitchen by having a fridge, prep sink, worktops and storage?

Then, you can think about where you’d like your utility room to be. ‘The location will be driven by your requirements,’ says Matthew. ‘You won’t want a utility space spoiling a view to the garden, for instance, but you might like it to have an entrance to your garden, which means your utility will need to be on an external wall.’

It makes sense to have your utility as close to the kitchen as possible, as it is more convenient and less expensive for the utilities to be connected, but there is no hard and fast rule.

What features should be in a utility room?
What you choose to include in your utility room is essentially down to how you want to use the space.
Creating a food-prep area:
Worktops, A sink, Dishwasher, Fridge, Pantry and larder storage
You could also relocate your small appliances, like the toaster, kettle and anything else that eats up worktop space.
Creating a laundry room:
Save room with a washer/dryer or stack your tumble dryer over your washing machine.
A deep sink will be useful for soaking clothes and washing muddy boots and pets
cupboards invaluable for hiding away cleaning products,
Tall cupboards can hide mops, brushes, an ironing board and the vacuum cleaner
If there’s no wall space for drying racks, consider a pulley-style ceiling-hung design
In extractor fan will lessen the effects of condensation
Underfloor heating will help dry your washing without taking up wall space.

Utility spaces should be uncluttered, functional rooms, with easy-to-clean worktops and as much storage space as is possible. If there is enough space, a spot for ironing, an open cupboard with hanging space, and shelves for freshly laundered clothes, are all very useful.
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