1. Environmental Reasons
    Using reclaimed wood saves trees by reducing the demand from forests. Harvesting wood involves felling, transporting and processing the trees, which have a massive impact on the environment. Using reclaimed wood reduces this impact. Another green benefit of using reclaimed wood is that when you lay it as flooring it effectively traps air. This makes it a great insulator, saving you money on your energy bills. Using wood that’s been saved from landfills is an environmentally responsible choice, and it’s one of the top reasons to choose reclaimed wood.
  2. Give Old Wood New Life
    Distressed woods, in particular, look great when reused. Reclaimed wood provides a vintage look and is really long-lasting.
    We have supplied flooring from lots of interesting places – Boland’s Mills in Dublin city centre for example. When you buy old wood, you’re also purchasing a piece of history and great dinner party conversations!
  3. Amazing Character of Reclaimed Wood.
    Reclaimed wood is unique in that it offers ageless distinction and beauty. It’s also unparalleled in terms of its architectural quality. Every piece is different and cannot be replicated. Reclaimed wood has so much character, and its age only brings out its allure, depth and colour even further. There is a specific uniquely weathered beauty about reclaimed wood that has so much more “heart” than mass-produced modern pieces. Old wood displays random character marks and has a rich patina that draws you into it. Every piece has its own story and history. This provides a real talking point when friends and family come over, as every piece has its own appeal and interest that can never be found in modern wood.
  4. You Can’t Buy Old-Growth Wood Anymore.
    The term “old-growth” refers to trees that have naturally reached their full maturity within an environment that encourages slow growth. Old-growth trees are typically stronger and larger than others because they took decades and sometimes centuries to mature. The more slowly a tree grows, the denser the fibre becomes. Every species of tree becomes mature at a different age as well. Old-growth wood is more stable than newly harvested, a top reason to choose reclaimed. Because of the diversity of old-growth forests, they are now protected, and you can’t buy old-growth wood anymore. That means using reclaimed old-growth wood is the perfect alternative.
  5. Durable and Strong.
    Reclaimed wood is both durable and strong. When our country’s old residences, warehouses and factories were built, only the most stable and durable timbers were used to support them. It’s a fact that many of these old buildings have stood strong for many hundreds of years.~ Old wood is far stronger than the timber of today because the pieces originating from before the 20th century endured little to no air pollution. Additionally, most old wood comes from trees that grew for hundreds of years.
  6. The Most Stable Wood Available.
    Old-growth wood is more dimensionally stable than wood that’s been newly harvested. This is due to old wood having been exposed to many changes in humidity over prolonged periods of time. This gives pieces constructed from old wood far more stability than fresh timber, and it is particularly desirable for use in high-traffic areas such as your floors. Reclaimed wood for flooring is an ideal choice since the wood has already been contracting and expanding for many years, or perhaps decades.
  7. Wider Planks.
    If you’re looking for reclaimed wide plank flooring, keep in mind that reclaimed wood beams are stronger and stable enough to be sawn into wider planks than those that have been newly harvested.
  8. Originality.
    Nowadays, so many items we buy are mass-produced. If you want to find something original for your home, it’s going to cost the earth. However, when you buy reclaimed wood, you can be sure each and every piece is 100 per cent original and isn’t mass-produced like other modern wood products.

Reclaimed wood is a one-of-a-kind product, with no two boards ever being exactly alike. So, if you want your home to have a distinctive and personal look, choosing reclaimed wood is the way to do it.