Cast Iron Radiators


Cast Iron Radiators - In stock and ready for use!.
Antique style cast iron radiators. The radiators are made in any size to order.  Then they are pressure tested and sealed. They are then painted in a protective primer and are ready for sale.

Cast Iron radiators Dublin 

They are exact replicas of the originals and are available in various styles from the popular Victorian 4 column right up to the decorative Montmartre. We have a choice of heights & can easily deal with low windows and we can make them any length! The old style radiators we sell are a piece of furniture and are a real asset to any home.

Victorian style radiators also lend themselves perfectly to a more contemporary interior. A choice of finishes is also available, from painting in any colour you want to a "Burnished finish".

These retro style radiators are very energy efficient with a minimum output far in excess of a modern steel radiator, and they are a great finishing touch to any room.

How To Calculate BTU requirements 
1. Measure the square footage of each room you plan to heat 
For a rectangular room, multiply the length and width, measured in feet.
For a triangular room, multiply the length and width, then divide by two.
For rooms with odd shapes, divide them into smaller pieces and measure each piece separately.

Then multiply the Square footage of your room by 20 to calculate the BTU requirement to heat your room.