Cast Iron Radiators

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Cast Iron Radiators – In stock and ready for use!
Antique style cast iron radiators. The radiators are made in any size to order. Then they are pressure tested and sealed. They are then painted in a protective primer and are ready for sale.

Old Fashioned Radiators

They are exact replicas of the originals and are available in various styles from the popular Victorian 4 column right up to the decorative Montmartre. We have a choice of heights & can easily deal with low windows and we can make them any length! The old style radiators we sell are a piece of furniture and are a real asset to any home.

Victorian style radiators also lend themselves perfectly to a more contemporary interior. A choice of finishes is also available, from painting in any colour you want to a “Burnished finish”.

These retro style radiators are very energy efficient with a minimum output far in excess of a modern steel radiator, and they are a great finishing touch to any room.

Victorian radiators Dublin

Cast Iron Radiators Versus Steel and Aluminium Radiators – What Advantages do Cast Iron Radiators Have Over Aluminium and Steel Radiators?

Find out all about their advantages and disadvantages, from efficiency to installation. Although cast iron radiators tend to be more expensive than modern steel or aluminium they do have several advantages including the heat output compared to their size, their ability to blend with surroundings, especially within period properties and also the fact that they can be customised to provide a more modern look and feel.

The use of Cast iron is definitely an old idea but when compared to the other options available (e.g. steel and aluminium) they are still more than a worthy contender, proving still to be the best on several fronts from efficiency to aesthetics.

Traditional Radiators

For period renovations the cast iron radiator is certainly the better choice to compliment the age of older buildings and to still provide sufficient heat output to heat these spaces comfortably.

You may be wondering: how can cast iron radiators be more efficient than modern radiators?
The answer is: Cast iron is an excellent conductor of heat and therefore works far better in larger spaces with taller ceilings.
Although they do tend to take quite a bit longer to heat up due to the density of cast iron as a material, once at the desired temperature they retain that heat much longer than any other radiator type.

Space vs Heat Output

When considering the space a radiator will take up versus it’s heat output – a cast iron radiator will take up much less wall space than it’s equivalent modern steel or aluminium counterpart.

Cast Iron Radiator painted white

How To Calculate BTUs

Measure the length x the width x the height of room that you plan to heat
Multiply this answer by 4 to calculate the BTU requirement to heat your room.

For example:
A Standard room in a Victorian house measures 13 feet (3.9m) by 16 feet (4.8m) with 10 feet (3m) Ceilings

Which make the calculation look like this:
13 x 16 = 208 x 10 = 2080 x 4 = 8320 BTU required to heat this room