Crittall Style Doors in Solid Wood

There’s no denying that Crittall-style has been staging a comeback – and not just as windows and doors, but as walls, rear extensions, room dividers and even shower screens.

Crittall Doors helps create different zones, without compromising on light or space.

Striking but minimalist, the thin-framed grid-like doors complement other all sorts of styles, from mid-century modern to Scandi-style, while their sleek frames feel contemporary and add a hint of industrial style.

Our Solid Wood Crittall style doors can be used as internal partitions and connecting doorways, and they’re great for dividing up and zoning spaces. There’s no arguing that open-plan living has become increasingly popular, allowing for more space and light.

Tearing down all the walls isn’t always practical, and sometimes spaces still need to be divided up somehow. Crittall style is perfect here, and using these sleek-framed partitions to create floor plans that feel both light and inclusive but retain an element of separation.

Crittall doors are also perfect for framing courtyards, gardens and rear extensions, creating a seamless transition between inside and out.

Crittall style is not new. In 1860 that Francis Henry Crittall, an ironmonger in Essex, first used this method to create steel-framed windows. Yet despite being around for nearly 160 years they still feel as contemporary as ever. Framed glazing has never looked so good.

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