Reclaimed Parquet Flooring

Wonderful Reclaimed Mahogany Parquet will look amazing - full of character and totally unique, Fully cleaned and ready to lay. These block will make a Strong, Durable floor that will last a lifetime. There is no acclimatization to worry about as this floor is well seasoned already! Reclaimed Parquet is a great sustainable choice with no impact on the environment.

February 2020 - Currently in stock:

  • Mahogany Parquet - Was €58 per M² - NOW €48 per M² - Save 20%
  • Pitch Pine Parquet - Was €70 per M² - NOW €58 per M² - Save 18%
  • Solid Oak Parquet -€110 per M² - NOW €85 per M² - Save 23%

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Reclaimed Wood Flooring

When you choose reclaimed or Salvaged Floor for your home your making a choice that has no negitive environmental impact - the Greenest choice possible! 

Aged boards are full of character & are often the same price or even less than new wood.

Because of the nature of reclaimed flooring our stocks are always changing - The best thing is to call in and see what we have currently in stock.

We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have regarding our solid timber flooring, from storage, acclimatisation, fitting and sealing we have plenty of experience with both brand new wood floors and pre-loved floors.

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Victorian Pine, Oregon Pine & Douglas Fir

Popular floorboards that come in nice wide planks, extensively used from 1850-1930. They vary in colour from the honey coloured pine to a more red coloured grain of the Douglas fir. Boards come in widths of 4” – 10” 

Victorian Pitch Pine

The “King of Timbers” now the King of Reclaimed Flooring! Imported from the States in the 1800s, 8 This timber is extremely hard wearing. It makes for a durable attractive floor. Planks are from 4” – 0” wide.

American & French Oak

We stock both reclaimed Oak flooring & New oak imported from sustainable sources. Our timbers start at 6ft and go to 12ft long so you get nice long, wide planks. Impressive in both period and contemporary properties. We machine these floors to order and they come in widths of 4” to 10”

American Barn Oak

Salvaged directly from Amish barns in the States. It makes a fantastic, rustic floor. Boards come in a mixed widths of between 5” & 15”. It's a lovely nut brown colour and has all the blemishes & patina of its 100 years or more of service


Popular timbers are mahogany, beech, pitch pine & teak. Originally these were stuck with bitumen which we clean and remachine leaving the blocks ready for reuse. These reclaimed floors are perfect for underfloor heating as most of Europe will only use parquet with underfloor heating systems.

Opepe Parquet Flooring

Opepe is a golden coloured, extremely hard waring wooden strip floor. Often reclaimed from schools and sports halls. Opepe is more afordable than Teak. As with most strip flooring it is tongue and grooved and end matched - the ends of the lenghts are tong and groove aswell as the sides - this makes for a very strong joint between the lenghts.

Very hard wearing and suitable for domestic and commercial projects.