bespoke Kitchen Islands

Handmade Kitchen Islands

The kitchen island can be a very important part of the kitchen for the following reasons:

  • It offers you the use of a Separate Workstation
  • Plenty of additional storage space
  • Extra space for additional appliances
  • Extra Seating

The Kitchen Island also completes the work triangle.

In modern house construction, there is an emphasis on getting as much natural light into the rooms as possible. While this means brighter spaces it often results in a shortage of wall space in the kitchen as all the walls have windows or doors. This creates difficulty for the kitchen designer with regard to where to put the cabinets.
The Kitchen Island solves this problem, and nowadays with many of our clients opt for locating their sinks and dishwashers in the island.

Our Kitchen Islands are Handmade in Solid Wood and come in either a Natural finish or Hand Painted in any colour you choose. Your Island can be fitted with any countertops in any material – stone or wood.

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