We stock antique, reclaimed, Vintage and new parquet floors. 
These floors are traditionally sourced and reclaimed from Churches, Convents and 1930s office buildings.

All the Reclaimed Parquet is graded for quality with damaged pieces removed. It's then stacked and packed ready for upcycling to its new location. 

Reclaimed Parquet creates a very strong and stable floor - which makes it ideal for underfloor heating. 
We leave the original finish on the blocks so when it has been re-laid you have the option of just cleaning it and resealing it - this will save the original patina. Or the newly laid floor can be sanded and stained to suit any room.

New parquet is specially selected from the crown of the tree. It's then kiln dried and machined into the parquet blocks. These are delivered in its natural raw state which allows you to either leave them in their original colour or to stain and seal them in any colour.


Allergen Free

Parquet flooring is one of the best options if you or a loved one has allergies because parquet doesn’t trap allergens the way other flooring options can. Its also easy to keep clean, even people who have pets will also enjoy the benefits of parquet flooring. 


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