Reclaimed Pine Flooring Dublin

Victorian Pitch Pine

The “King of Timbers” now the King of Reclaimed Flooring! Imported from the States in the 1800s. This timber is extremely hard-wearing. It makes for a durable attractive floor. Planks are from 4″ – 8″ wide


What is Pitch Pine?

Pitch is the sticky, resinous, black or dark brown substance left as a residue after the distillation of wood tar for turpentine. 

Traditionally, pitch was used for waterproofing buckets, barrels and small boats. 
Pitch Pine acquired the name because its a fabulous source of this wood tar.

It’s a slow-growing tree that has a tendency to grow crooked. These two characteristics prevent it from being a commercially viable modern softwood. It’s a lovely timber to work with and hard to get hold of.

Church pews and beams are usually the best sources for reclaimed Pitch Pine.

Pitch Pine Flooring

Oregon Pine/Douglas Fir

What is Oregon Pine/Douglas Fir?
Oregon pine or Douglas fir wood is one of the most widely used in the construction world, where it is abundant. It offers an excellent resistance-to-weight ratio and is easy to work with.

This tree can reach 75 meters in height, being one of the largest conifers in the world. In fact, it is the third, behind only two types of sequoia.

Oregon pine wood originates in western North America, but has also become common in Europe as a species used for reforestation.  


Oregon Pine Flooring

Vintage and new parquet

We stock antique, reclaimed, Vintage and new parquet floors. These floors are traditionally sourced and reclaimed from Churches, Convents and 1930s office buildings.

All the Reclaimed Parquet is graded for quality with damaged pieces removed. It’s then cleaned, stacked and packed ready for upcycling to its new location.

Reclaimed Parquet creates a very strong and stable floor – which makes it ideal for underfloor heating.
We leave the original finish on the blocks so when it has been re-laid you have the option of just cleaning it and resealing it – this will save the original patina. Alternatively,  the floor can be sanded and stained to suit any room.

Reclaimed Parquet

Victorian Yellow Pine

Pine ranges from almost white through various yellow shades to a deep, rich red. For a softwood, it’s remarkably resilient and long-lasting, especially in the context of well looked after pine floors.

Yellow Pine Floor Boards