Waste Wood Heater

Its mid November here in Dublin and its starting to getting cold and damp! Time to light our Waste Wood Burning Heater. 
Although we work hard to keep it to a minimum, our joinery produces plenty of waste wood. During busy weeks this can be over 350kg of waste wood and sawdust. It really mounts up quickly.

Our Waste Wood Heater is the soloution to both problems.
It takes care of all our off cuts and wood waste. It burns very efficiently and produces almost no ash. Because the fule is all kiln dried wood the fire emitts almost no particulate pollution. So its a much more sustainable method of heating.

In the past the costs involved in removing this wast was considerable. When you add the savings to our heating costs it won't be long before the heater is paid for.

Meanwhile, we have a cosy joinery to work in. That keeps the carpenters happy and happy carpenters creat amazing work!

Solid wood kitchens, Sustainable Heating