Victorian Kitchens

Victorian Kitchen Design

This Victorian kitchen is our signature design. A fantastic kitchen that works well in the various types of Victorian-era houses as well as newer builds. Ours are handmade in solid wood with a wide choice of countertops. Whether you’re looking for a country kitchen or a townhouse kitchen this design will fit every time.

The pillars of Victorian Era Kitchen design

  1. Kitchen walls:
    the wall coverings should be practical and easy to clean – brick-shaped tiles or wipe clean painted walls are perfect and very Victorian.
  2. Victorian Kitchen Sinks:
    these should be functional large white porcelain sinks with unfussy period-style kitchen taps
  3. Cupboards:
    painted or stained wood in a matt or eggshell finish, rather than gloss finish are in keeping with the period look. Details on the drawers like ogee mouldings and screw beading around openings really complete the look.
  4. Kitchen cupboard handles:
    these should be functional and unfussy in a matt, satin or shiny brass, nickel or chrome finish.
  5. Victorian kitchen lighting:
    this should be bright and ideally placed over work areas. To keep the period look, use utilitarian style lights hung over a central scrubbed pine table or island that can look very well.
  6. Work surfaces:
    ideally, these should be in wood or marble to keep with the Victorian-style décor.
  7. Victorian cast iron radiators:
    these heating systems will not only efficiently warm your kitchen, but they also act as an eye-catching decorative period feature – a must-have for any period kitchen.