What are In-Frame Kitchens?

In-Frame Kitchens have the cabinet doors inset within a wooden frame as opposed to the doors being fixed onto the frame of the cabinet.

The frame provides strength to the front of a cabinet and is also considered a visual feature. In-Frame Kitchens is the traditional cabinet furniture construction method, making the entire construction stronger and of course, adding durability.

Inframe is currently on-trend, however, ALL our kitchens are inframe and always have been. 

Advantages of In-Frame Kitchen Cabinets

  • Inframe doors add to the traditional look and feel of the kitchen
  • Door edges of the cabinet doors are less likely to show wear and tear, keeping your kitchen looking great for longer.

Bespoke Finish – All the doors are made to fit perfectly into the frame. 

Inframe Kitchens are stronger. The frame adds strength to the cabinet which in turn adds durability to the kitchen – it’s a win-win!

In-frame cabinet doors will remain straight and won’t sag over time. Because of the extra rigidity and strength, the doors will hang correctly and won’t be inclined to sag or catch the way on frame doors invariably do.